Welcome to the home of the 20” handcrafted Pizza
Proudly serving the biggest pizza around!


When you order a Pizza Market pizza you will notice that it looks and tastes better than other pizzas. Here’s why:
    We use "ALL TRUMPS" wheat flour, the best pizza flour on the market, to make our daily dough. Most pizzerias buy cheap flour based solely on the price, while others settle for wholesale dough. Big mistake.

  • OIL:
    You will find very few pizzerias if any, willing to use 100% virgin olive oil because of the added cost. But olive oil (a big part of a healthy Mediterranean diet) has taste and smoothness unlike any other. That's why we only use 100% virgin olive oil to make our dough.

  • WATER:
    Pizza dough contains about 30% water. Many other pizzerias simply twist open the tap and let whatever's in the pipe flow out. We take great care in using crystal clear spring water to make our dough.
This is why Pizza Market's pizza (and other food) is the finest you have ever had - GUARANTEED! Put our pizza next to anyone else’s. If it does not look and taste better than the others we will take it back!
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